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Newsletter #247

Well the sun came up today and I woke up, so it’s bloody good day. It's been a pretty rough week for rugby league though, but life goes on. Tonight I’m hosting a table at the Journalist Association's awards dinner where they will be honouring the 2008 World Cup winning Kiwi league team. On my table I have the coach Stephen Kearney, the captain Nathan Cayless, and manager Gordon Gibbons along with former Kiwis Nigel Vagana, Graeme West and Dane O’Hara. It will be fantastic tonight reliving that great victory. I am feeling sad as we only have one more newsletter to go, but as one door closes another opens, so who knows what I’ll get up to next year. I’m popping out to the Vodafone Warriors today to catch up with the crew, which always gives me a real lift. The silly season is coming up quickly and my calendar is full with social events. I love Christmas. Have a fantastic week and let’s all share the love out there. Sir Peter Charles Leitch KNZM QSM P.s make sure you scroll down to see a fantastic article on Petrece Kesha and the best wedding cake I've ever seen.

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